"Dame dame dame, que te voy a dar ... una guayabita de mi guayabal."


Censo afrocolombiano 2005/ AfroColombian Census

This video (for which I helped write the music) was aired in 2005 as a promotional campaign for black Colombians to identify themeselves as such on the national census. It uses many of the common terms which are used to identify black Colombians in different parts of Colombia.

Este video (la música del cual ayudé a componer) se veía en la TV colombiana en el 2005 como parte de una campaña nacional para que la gente afrocolombiana se identificara como tal en el Censos nacional. Usa los términos comunes de varias partes del país para identificar a las personas negras.


Mark said...

Can you tell me what the lady says at the end? "In this census...", what is the rest?

mbq said...

"The lady," (a well-actor, starring in, for example, the novela "Betty La Fea") says, "En este censo cuéntate," or, "Be counted in this census." It's also kind of a pun, because it could mean something like "be counted on." Hope that helps.