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AI cartoon on demobilization/Caricatura de Amnistía Internacional sobre la desmobilización

I know, I know, first I'm talking trash on Shakira, and now this - I'm probably pushing my luck. But you've gotta check out this little animated cartoon by Amnesty International, making fun of the paramilitary demobilization. Link/Enlace It has apparently ticked off the Colombian government, according to El Tiempo. It's kind of funny, in that ironic-spoof-on-the-1950s-consumerism-and-saccharine-pop-culture genre that liberal white people seem to like, but the more important points are that it links the farce of demobilization to a justification for US aid ("don't worry folks, human rights are under control," we are told, as Colombian congresspeople and even a Cabinet minister are revealed to be in bed with the paramilitaries guilty of massacres, extortion, and drug trafficking for over a decade) and shows the "demobilized" paramilitaries becoming paid government informers. What this informant thing means is that paramilitaries and guerrillas from groups like the FARC turn themselves in to the government and are subsequently paid by the head for people they turn in to the government. They often invent things just to get the money and their victims, guilty or not, end up getting incarcerated if they're lucky, and kidnapped, tortured, disappeared, and killed if they are not. It's also pretty sad for the ex-combatants themselves, many forcibly drafted by these armed groups and then, demobilised, put into this kind of setting. Scary. And funded by the taxes we are about to pay on April 15 here in the US.

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