"Dame dame dame, que te voy a dar ... una guayabita de mi guayabal."


Heavy-hitters at NYC music conference

Conferencia sobre música en NY.

Fordham University announces a two-day international conference, "Musical Meaning and Human Values: A Colloquium with Lawrence Kramer," to be held at the university's Lincoln Center Campus, 113 W. 60th Street, New York, New York, on Friday and Saturday, May 4 and 5, 2007. The conference is free and open to the public. Featured speakers include Walter Bernhart (University of Graz), Marshall Brown (University of Washington), Keith Chapin (Fordham University), Peter Franklin (Oxford University), Walter Frisch (Columbia University), Lawrence Kramer (Fordham University), Richard Leppert (University of Minnesota), and Susan McClary (UCLA). For further information, please go to the conference web page, www.fordham.edu/musiccolloquium, or contact Stephanie Pietros at: pietros at fordham.edu.

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