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Thank the Yankees

I don't usually post this stuff on this blog, but since I don't have another one...

There are a few teams with high ceilings for spending, that can carry other teams, through profit sharing, and large turnouts when said teams come to town. Many teams reap the benefits of a higher drawing team visiting their venue, thus raising profits because of the popularity of the visiting team.

Maybe you benefit through profit sharing from teams like the Yankees, or you're the ones mentioned who gain more sales when they come to town. One way or the other, your discontent with the Yankees may be misdirected. Perhaps, instead of loathing and discrediting them for their efforts, you might consider saying thank you instead. In reality, folks that read this argument should express appreciation to the Yankee organization for their business practices as it could be considered the very heart beat of baseball as a whole.

The article has other pro-Yankees arguments, like the fact that some of the Yanks' best players are home-grown, not hired guns, and that money does not always equal quality (I mean, look at Tampa Bay!)

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