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Anthropologists boycott Coke/Antropólogos boicotean a Coca-Cola

In 2006, the American Anthropological Association endorsed the
Colombian union SINALTRAINAL’s call for a boycott against the Coca-Cola Company
and its products.
Association members are urged to support the boycott at the upcoming
AAA meetings in Washington, D.C. and to make their beverage choices
accordingly. The conference hotels and restaurants in the D.C. area have a
range of contracts with soft drink providers. Please be aware that one
of the official conference hotels--the Omni Sheraton--has an exclusive
contract with the Coca-Cola Company and thus only serves Coca-Cola
products. The Marriott Wardman Park hotel, however, does not contract with
the Coca-Cola Company.

The AAA boycott arose from concerns that the Coca-Cola Company has not
done enough to protect workers and their families from intimidation and
violence, has not respected workers’ internationally recognized right
to organize unions, and has not disclosed information that independent
sources can easily verify. Coca-Cola products include Sprite, Fanta,
and Coca-Cola as well as Dasani water and Minutemaid juices.

Please consult the following web page for a complete list of Coca-Cola

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