"Dame dame dame, que te voy a dar ... una guayabita de mi guayabal."


Radio Diaspora Speaks to Film Director Juan Mejia about "Uprooted"

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Uprooted' seeks to bring attention to a mounting calamity inexplicably left out of the world's spotlight. The film explores the plight of Noris Mosquera, one of the more than 1 million Afrocolombians violently displaced since 1990. Her son dreams of leaving the refugee shelter for a burgeoning soccer academy in the capital city of Bogota, and Noris will do all she can to make his dream a reality. Through her day-to-day plight, we delve into the tragedy of uprooting and discover the power of resilience. 'Uprooted' is above all else an intimate portrayal of the tragedy of uprooting in Colombia; a beautifully detailed tale about struggle and resistance; a bittersweet story of loss, love, family, and dreams.

3:00 PM Fri, Sep 25 at Underground Atlanta Loft, For more information please click here

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