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DATE: June 22 (Tues) - 23 (Wed), 2010

VENUE: NAH 208, Humanities Bldg

New Asia College The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong (http://mmlab.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/CMT/CM.aspx?lang=e&bldgId=119).

* About the campus map, transportation and shuttle bus, see below:http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/v6/en/campus_map/campus_map.html.




Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group (http://interasiapop.org/)

School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Institute for East Asian Studies, Sungkonghoe University


Genres of Popular Music in Asia


Motti Regev (The Open University of Israel)


We are pleased to announce the 2nd Inter-Asia Popular Music Conference in Hong Kong in collaboration with School of Journalism and Communication in the Chinese University of Hong Kong at 22-23 June 2010. After having the first conference at Osaka in 2008, we move forward to having the next one at Hong Kong, the birthplace of one of the most popular and most globalized sounds of Asia: Cantopop.

The studies on Asian popular music are still in its embryonic stage. There is no institution devoted to popular music studies within Asian universities, neither is there is a journal which specializes on Asian popular music. What we have now is an online based, transnational research portal, Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group in 2007 plus a rapidly growing research network that at the moment includes 80 scholars not only in Asia but also in Europe, America and Oceania. Although the organization has just taken its first steps, there is no doubt that the academic interest in Asia popular music is rising both inside and outside Asia. There is a growing feeling that Asian popular music has not received sufficient attention from international popular music studies and that the existing paradigms of popular music studies may not be that adequate for Asian popular music. This conference will be the unique event to engage with all the scholarly debates surrounding the emerging field of of Inter-Asia popular music studies.

The 2nd conference has a main theme entitled ‘Genres of Popular Music in Asia’. The 2nd IAPMS Conference will focus on different genres of Asian popular music. The central theme is on the emerging specific Asian music genres as a consequence of globalization/inter-Asian cultural flow/hybridization between indigenous and global culture. Rather than just introducing different kinds of music genres in Asia (melody, lyrics, etc), the paper submitted should focus on how these musical genres intersect/ engage with different social, cultural and political arenas. Genres of Asian popular music can cover pop, rock, hip-hop, reggae and any other traditional musical expressions in Asia. But we welcome any paper if it seriously studies Asian popular music.


30 November 2009: paper proposal

31 January 2010: acceptance of papers

31 March 2010: registration

31 May 2010: submission of full paper

22-23 June 2010: conference days


The organizers of Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference 2010 in Hong Kong would like to invite paper presenters to send their abstracts (not more than 250 words) before 30 November, 2009 to;asianpopstudies@gmail.com

If you have any inquiries, please feel free ask asianpopstudies@gmail.com or to local host Anthony Fung anthonyfung@cuhk.edu.hk


Waged members: 240 HK$ (=30 US$)

Unwaged members: 120 HK$ (=15 US$)


Anthony FUNG (Chinese University, Hong Kong/China)

Angel Lin (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong/China)

Eric Ma (Professor, Chinese University, Hong Kong/China)

Philip Benson (The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong/China)

Masashi Ogawa (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong/China)

You Fai CHOW (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Jeroen de Kloet (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Yoshitaka MORI (Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan)

Tunghung HO (Fu-jen University, Taiwan)

Kai Khiun LIEW (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Viriya Sawnagchot (Wathansala Centre for Cultural Studies, Thailand)

Hyunjoon SHIN (Sungkonghoe University, Korea)

Jung-Yup LEE (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA/Korea)


1) Please use the specific form (download<http://interasiapop.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/iapms2010_paper_proposal.doc>) when you submit paper proposal, which is attched. If you organize panel with more than two people, just fill in ‘the panel title’ as well as paper title in the form (There is no need for further description about the panel).

2) English is the only language in the conference as there is no common language among Asian languages. Translation service can be provided only during questions and answers, if the presenters need it.

3) Please observe that this conference is deliberately scheduled right after the ACS Crossroads 2010 Conference in Hong Kong. For more information on that conference please go to http://www.crossroads2010.org/

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