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IP News / Noticias en Propiedad Intelectual

  • El juez en un famoso caso de piracía digital (una madre cabeza de hogar tiene que pagar $220,000 dolares - $457 millones de pesos - por bajar música) equivaló el acto de bajar la música con el intento a distribuirla. Puede haber un nuevo proceso.
  • Judge in landmark IP case ($220,000 in damages for single mother for downloading music) equated downloading with intent to distribute, a new trial may happen.

The court granted the RIAA’s jury instruction #15 that:
“The act of making copyrighted sound recordings available for electronic distribution on a peer-to-peer network, without license from the copyright owners, violates the copyright owners’ exclusive right of distribution, regardless of whether actual distribution has been shown.”
If this was error – if the RIAA had to show actual distribution not mere availability – as the judge ruled it was, Thomas is entitled to a new trial. The RIAA argued the error was harmless because the jury would have convicted on the reproduction right in any case.
  • Dice Dept. de Justicia de EE.UU. a la industria de entretenamiento: "No somos sus abogados"
  • US Department of Justice to entertainment industry: "We're not your pro bono lawyers" Link/Enlace
"Department of Justice prosecutors serving as pro bono lawyers for private copyright holders regardless of their resources. In effect, taxpayer-supported Department lawyers would pursue lawsuits for copyright holders, with monetary recovery going to industry."

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