"Dame dame dame, que te voy a dar ... una guayabita de mi guayabal."


Punk Paisa, c. 1990

Fértil Miseria is a punk rock band from the Medellín classic 90s scene. They're still at it. Here they are in the early 90s.

Fértil Miseria es una banda punquera de la época dorada del punk paisa. Siguen tocando toadavía. Aquí están en los 90"

In this video, they talk about what they want to be doing in 20 years (as in now.) Turns out they were right.

In este video hablan de qué quieren estar haciendo en 20 años, o sea ahora. Resulta que es tal como dijeron.

Update: I found this thing on Filipino 80s punk on MySpace, so check that out too, it's pretty hot.

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