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Integrated Action - a new model for state-building /anti-narcotics / counter-insurgency in Colombia

The excellent Colombia-wonk blog Plan Colombia and Beyond has a long and detailed 3 - part series of posts on "Integrated Action", a new model that combines counter-insurgenct military action and the old Colombian problem of state-building and territorial consolidation with significant influence from the US experience in Iraq. A super interesting read:

Part 1: An introduction
Part 2: On the ground in Vistahermosa, Meta
Part 3: Some preliminary conclusions

Two questions, from the focus of this blog, that arise: What would the role of cultural policy be within "Integrated Action"? (One imagines a Casa de la Cultura being among the benefits offered to locals at certain phases of the project). Secondly, although none of the I.A. zones appear to be in the Pacific coast or in indigenous territory, if the plan were to be expanded, or its general philosophy pursued, in "ethnic" territories, what would the ramifications of cultural difference and local communities´territorial authority be?

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