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Punk rockers banned in Medellín/Punquetes "Odio a Botero" Prohibidos en Medellín

My favorite Colombian punk rock group was barred from (an then reinstated in) a punk festival in the city of Medellín because their name - Odio a Botero (I Hate Botero)
is offensive to the city where Fernando Botero, the famous painter of fatness (fat prists, fat kids, fat horses, fat fruit, fat houses, fat guitars) is from. Puh-leez, sometimes there's something very tetchy and kind of pathetic about Colombian - or is it just paisa? - nationalism.

A mi grupo punkero favorita de Colombia, Odio a Botero prohibieron, y despues permitieron su participación en festival del punk en Medellín por que a algunos paisitas no les gustó el nombrecito. Por Dios, a veces el nacionalismo Colombiano - o será nomás el paisa? - es un poco patético.

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igual odio a botero son unos putos gomelos cerebrodependientes