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Conference: Sound In Circulation

Sound In Circulation
Columbia Music Scholarship Conference 2009
March 7, 2009
Keynote: Ned Sublette
Ned Sublette is the author of The World That Made New Orleans: From Spanish Silver to Congo Square (Lawrence Hill Books, 2008) and Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo (Chicago Review Press, 2004; paperback, 2006), and the forthcoming The Year Before the Flood: Music, Murder, and a Homecoming in Louisiana (Chicago Review Press, 2009).
Free and open to the public
10am-6pm, Breakfast and Lunch served
301 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University
Music has been the leading form of creative work circulated through internet networks and as such has enjoyed broad scholarly and public debate in the last few years. The questions of sound in circulation – how authors prepare sound to travel in time and space, how those sounds move through time and space, and how listeners interact with those sounds – are much broader than that of file-sharing or digital media. For this conference will broaden the question about sound in circulation to include many technologies, methods, and practices of circulating sound among specific historical, geographic, and cultural groups.
Three sets of papers include: Jamie Stager, York University (Toronto) Latin Jazz, Improvisation, and Transnational Flow: Hal Crook’s Performance of “Brazil” / Roxanne O’Connell, Roger Williams University Your Grannie’s Gramophone: A Cross-Atlantic Musical Conversation / Shannon Garland, Columbia University The edge of the internet: Chilean music websites and the international world of indie music / Katie Harvey, Tufts University Embalming the Dead: Taping, Tape Trading and the Grateful Dead / Margarita Restrepo, Brandeis University The cost of transmission: Francisco Guerrero and printing in sixteenth-century Spain / Deborah Lubken, University of Pennsylvania Signal, Music, Noise: Interpreting the Sabbath Bell in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia / Sean Hallowell, Columbia University Adorno contra Girl Talk? The Mashup as Cultural Critique / Maura Klosterman Whatcha Gonna Do With That Beat?: LoopBased Composition and Performance Practices / Madison Moore, Yale University I AM SASHA FIERCE

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