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African Diaspora Music Website Projest

I got this from someone I don't know, Brittany Anderson, but I'll throw it out for you all in case anyone's interested.

I am looking for individuals interested in working on a project development team of 10-12 creative persons for a multimedia Global Music Video website. The project would run from mid-February to mid-April (approximately 10-12 weeks). Much of the work will be completed using online collaboration tools, so as to fit within everyone’s schedules.The Project:A music discovery website dedicated to African Diaspora pop music videos. Think MTV meets Putumayo meets iLike. This website exposes people to new music and uses this music to build bridges throughout the African Diaspora and the world. The production of this website will eventually lead to a global internet-television hybrid channel.The website has three main components: an extensive music video library with a dynamic music discovery tool, a community space for user’s web pages, and a blog. Each music video and audio track is complemented by short, lively, articles, background info, and photos and videos of the region that the music comes from – with much of the site’s content contributed by site users in the region.Who we’re looking for:Content Manager – Builds and manages an international network of content providers, acquires content and uploads content to website, validates content, works with project manager and database programmers to organize content.Artist Outreach/PR Associate – Works with online music licensing/legal consultant to produce contracts/agreements, works directly with musicians to secure new contracts, works with content manager to add content to site.Creative Direction Associate – Works with project manager and design team to determine the overall look and feel of website, works with marketing/promotion specialist to integrate the marketing strategy into the site’s design.Marketing/Promotion Specialist – Plans and executes the marketing strategy for the website, performs market data research, evaluates results, works with artistic direction associate.Multimedia Blog Manager – Works with project manager to create blog strategy, brainstorms blog features, helps recruit blog content providers. Familiarity with African Diaspora pop music essential.HTML/CSS/Flash Programmer – Codes HTML, CSS, & Flash elements of the website. In particular, I’m looking for someone who can build a 3D wall, like Cooliris, or at least work with implementing their coding into the site (see for developers).PHP/SQL Programmer – Codes database aspects of site, works with project manager and content manager to set up content organization system. Works specifically to build the dynamic music discovery tool (search engine).Translation/Interpretation Coordinator – Constructs a long-term translation strategy for the site and the site’s content (music/artist info/announcements/articles).Web 2.0/Mobile App Creative Consultant – Researches, brainstorms, and constructs a plan for integrating Web 2.0 concepts and mobile applications into the project. Performs some coding, and works with project manager to recruit specialists.Online Music Licensing/Legal Consultant – Provides legal advice specific to online content, music videos, and song licensing.What you gain by joining this team:• The website we are developing is a live prototype to secure funding. When this funding becomes available, there will be paid website management, maintenance and expansion positions available.• This is a recession! So, until funding is secured for this project, I’m willing to barter my skills or services in exchange for your participation with the project. Contact me for further information.• Possible course credit through NYU’s Graphic Communications Management Program, and a very exciting project to work on for the semester.• Direct experience working as part of a project team, and the ability to network with others in the global media, communications, & new media/web industries.• Contributing important ideas to a big project and an important global cause that will improve the lives of many people.• Building your skills and talents, and tangible experience for your portfolio and CV.• A challenge and a good time!I understand that this may be a hectic time for some of you (it is for me), but please contact me at bka214@nyu.edu if you are interested in any aspect of this multimedia social change endeavor.About Me:I am a 2nd-year Gallatin MA student with a concentration in Project Design for Global Social Change. My background is in International Affairs, African & Diaspora Studies, Ethnomusicology, and French. I have some experience with web design, and a whole lot of experience with art and the Internet.

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